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All of us at Ableroad would like to thank those reviewers that have been the backbone of Ableroad since we started and those users that continue to use this resource. Unfortunately we have come to a time where we are unable to continue supporting Ableroad. We will be shutting down on 15th of June and it will not be available from that time. We hope that someone else will take up the challenge and make a new resource for Accessibility Reviews to make life easier for many.

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Red’s Kitchen and Tavern
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Red’s Kitchen and Tavern
131 Newbury St
Peabody, MA 01960
4.5 Star

4.5 Average Star Rating

For wheelchair users Reds meets almost all Mass Accessibility Codes, from parking to bathrooms and interior seating. The accessible path of travel to the different parts of the restaurant is fine. The food is great with a good variety and reasonable pricing.

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mck5257 reviewed Noodlehead
Pittsburgh, PA
3.5 Star

3.5 Average Star Rating

Parking/Entrance: Street parking can be difficult to find because there is no parking reserved for Noodle Head or a parking lot. There is however, a handicap parking spot right outside the restaurant. There is plenty of room at the entrance, but there is a sharp angle upon entering the building.

Path of Travel (internal): There are some tight aisles, but everything can be accessed using the alternative routes that can be found throughout the restaurant.

Directional Signage: There were no signs directing people for handicap access to the bathrooms. The only signs seen were that for the emergency exit and the restroom.

Counters/Bars/Registers: The register counter and bar were above the height required for people using a wheelchair to conveniently pay for their bill or sit at the bar.

Lobby/Reception Area- This can become tight and hard to maneuver during busy hours at dinner, however, most people stand outside when this happens ( if weather permits).

Restrooms: with the exception of a lack of signs designating the handicap restroom, everything else was accessible.

Lighting Levels: The lighting in dining room and bathroom were low and dim.There are a lot of windows, so if it is a nice day, you’ll have an easier time seeing, however if it is nighttime or a cloudy day, this will be more difficult.

Noise Levels: We went at lunchtime so there were fewer people, but the restaurant is one large room. With more people, it would definitely be more echoey and therefore harder to hear.

Phone Information: This restaurant does not have a phone.

Sufficient Lighting: The lighting is low and dim and it may be difficult to see the menu without more light because the font on the menu is very small with less contrast.

Braille Information: This restaurant does not have braille signage or a braille menu option.

Vision Signage: There is vision signage with high contrast (mostly black letters on a white background) however, on the bathroom doors, the font is a cursive style. The exit signs and restroom sign are located very high above the line of sight.

Aisles/Navigation: Fairly large aisles, but if it was crowded it may be difficult to navigate. The entryway isn’t very large, so it could be difficult to enter/exit the restaurant if there are a lot of people.

Large Print: The print on the menus is fairly small. The print on the signage is larger, but the fonts are in cursive or very high above the line of sight.

Guide Dog/Service Animal: Someone had a guide dog with them while we were their and the dog fit under the table easily and was out of the way.

Easy Path of Travel: At peak times, the path of travel may be difficult to navigate. However, at less popular times, the path of travel has an adequate threshold at doorways and also has adequate width and length for appropriate access to all.

Simple Door Operation: The front door does not have a threshold to overcome, but it is very heavy. The bathroom doors are the same way. All doors are a push/pull design without knobs.

Credit Card Alternatives: The restaurant accepts cash only. Their is an ATM on site in the back of the restaurant for customers to use.

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peterrabbit reviewed Target
Pittsburgh, PA
4 Star

4 Average Star Rating

This Target location is a user-friendly and accessible establishment. There is ample space to maneuver through the parking lot and to the entrance. The elevators are wide enough to maneuver around but there is no audible signal for stops and door openings/closings. The main floor has wide main aisles with signs marking departments overhead, meaning that someone with a visual impairment may have difficulty navigating this store. The staff is generally accessible, respectful, and helpful, including a security guard stationed right outside the elevators. The perimeter signs on the walls are at an appropriate height and have raised text and Braille for those with visual impairments. The bathrooms, pharmacy, and food court are also reasonably accessible. Perhaps the biggest gripe we have with this location is that all card machines at the checkout are positioned at 46" above the floor, a foot above the ADA maximum standard. Anyone in a wheelchair or at a height or reach deficit may have difficulty checking out without assistance. Overall, this store is accessible for most populations in most circumstances, just be prepared to ask for help if you’ll need it at the checkout.

Featured Review

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amandadurham reviewed The Coffee Tree Roasters
Pittsburgh, PA
4.5 Star

4.5 Average Star Rating

Coffee Tree Roasters is a local, family-owned coffee shop located in the East End of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Nestled near the front entrance of Bakery Square Shopping Center, Coffee Tree Roasters is a perfect place for students to work on assignments, businessmen to settle a deal, or families and friends to relax and enjoy each other’s company. This coffee shop serves a wide variety of hot drinks, iced drinks, and delicious snacks. The company also provides free wi-fi and has inside and outside seating options. The store opens early at 5:30 AM to help individuals start their day and remains open late until 10:00 PM to fuel the night owls. There are two handicap parking spots located next to Coffee Tree Roasters. These parking spots are not van accessible, but there is an access aisle separating the two spots. There is a third handicap parking spot, but it is located further from the entrance. The handicap parking spots are accurately labeled with signs and paint on the spots using the universal symbol of accessibility. The parking spots are located directly across from the sidewalk with a curb ramp. This curb ramp is easily accessible to maneuver a wheelchair onto the landing, which leads to the entrance of the Coffee Tree Roasters. In summary, Coffee Tree Roasters is the perfect place for everyone to get a daily coffee fix. For individuals with disabilities, accessing the coffee shop is rather easy. This facility has adequate parking spots that meet the majority of ADA requirements. Once parked in the accessible parking space, the pathway to the entrance is clear with a curb cutout for easy wheelchair access. Upon reaching the front entrance, individuals with disabilities are faced with a large door with a grab handle that opens out. Although this may be rather difficult, the door slowly closely allowing for easier access. Once inside, the ordering counters and tables are appropriate heights to successfully order and enjoy a beverage of choice. If necessary, the individual men and women’s restrooms abide by ADA regulations for easy use and access. Public telephones and drinking fountains are not available. Recommendations to improve the accessibility of this facility include installation of an automatic entrance door, lowering of coat hooks in the restroom, additional handicap accessible parking spots, automatic soap dispensers in the restroom, and eliminate the use of key requirement to access the restroom.

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OPan reviewed Walgreens
Brookline, MA
5 Star

5 Average Star Rating

huge parking lot hp parking ! auto doors!! friendly staff chairs r fine on bus line roll in !!

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MaxT reviewed Emack & Bolio’s Ice Cream
Cambridge, MA
3.5 Star

3.5 Average Star Rating

Part of the Porter Square Mall, accessibility at this ice cream shop is good overall. There is accessible parking in the mall parking lot, including van-accessible parking. There is a step-free accessible entrance (although adding an automatic door opener would make it better), and good circulation inside. The serving counter is a bit on the high side.

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