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Porches Inn
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The Porches
231 River St
North Adams, MA 01247
4.5 Star

5 Average Star Rating

The Porches in North Adams, Mass. is a comfortable and great place with full accessibility. Nice Staff. Good Access. Across from the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art.

Review of the Day

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twlodkowski461 reviewed Red Robin Gourmet Burgers
Dulles, VA
3.5 Star

3.5 Average Star Rating

Staff is friendly and the food is good. A Braille menu is available and the host knew where to find it, which isn't always the case in other restaurants.

Top Review of the Week

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PapsJr reviewed The Corrib Pub
Brookline, MA
2 Star

2 Average Star Rating

street level!! just two doors pick the wrong door you have the restaurant!! right door you get the baah!! reach is horrible and you have to the restaurant side to use the bathroom!! friendly staff no hp parking on the street only! food is so so

Featured Review

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TravelByWheelchair reviewed Laurelhurst Market
Portland, OR
3 Star

3 Average Star Rating

This restaurant got consistently good Yelp! reviews and I would largely agree with the quality of the entrees. My son thought his steak and fries were great; the salmon I ordered was cooked beautifully but the accompaniments didn’t work somehow. We also ordered a mocha creme brûlée with chocolate chip cookies, and I should have known better. Creme brûlée needs to be creme brûlée, not modified - in this case, it tasted like mocha pudding. The wait staff was fairly attentive. The restaurant was accessible, although somewhat tightly packed, and there was an ADA parking space very close to the front door. We sat outside, which is also wheelchair-accessible, but it was not a pleasant space, as it fronted the parking lot and there was a lot of street noise. They need to do more to make their outdoor dining space comfortable.

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PapsJr reviewed Wards Berry Farm
Sharon, MA
4.5 Star

4.5 Average Star Rating

Street level!!! fresh food !! friendly helpful staff!! hp parking !!this is their store did not go into the farm land

Most Reviews in One Day - "MaxT" with 41

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MaxT reviewed Emack & Bolio’s Ice Cream
Cambridge, MA
3.5 Star

3.5 Average Star Rating

Part of the Porter Square Mall, accessibility at this ice cream shop is good overall. There is accessible parking in the mall parking lot, including van-accessible parking. There is a step-free accessible entrance (although adding an automatic door opener would make it better), and good circulation inside. The serving counter is a bit on the high side.

Welcome "cindy.thomas.399" Our Newest Reviewer

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cindy.thomas.399 reviewed Blush Hair Studio and Spa
Salt Lake City, UT
2 Star

2 Average Star Rating

located upstairs, didn’t notice an elevator.

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Accessibility is required by law, but we know that is not always the situation. Don't be caught by surprise. Know in advance whether a place is accessible for people with your disability.