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Adirondack Animal Land
Yelp average rating of 4
19 Reviews
3554 Hwy 30
gloversville, NY 12078
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Category: Zoos

Yelp Reviews

2017-05-29 - Darlene S.
This is a wonderful place to visit! They have many animals to see...giraffes, bears, Lamas, tortoise, camels, alligators, monkeys and many more. Also a few...- Read More
2017-06-03 - Kristy T.
Sorry didn't go here, but Yelp doesn't give me the option to delete the review.- Read More
2017-05-30 - Sovy M.
Cash only is not a problem. Horrible food, orange hotdogs for $$. They should have an age range for this place: 0-2yrs . Because they have animal sculptures...- Read More
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2017-05-31 22:45:09 - mg(1)

Nice place to visit however if pushing a wheelchair it gets very difficult to do when you are leaving as it is a uphill terrain. I pushed a 190lb person uphill and felt like if I stopped then the wheelchair would go down the hill like jack and Jill.