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Accessibility Review of Biddle's Escape
Biddle's Escape
Yelp average rating of 4.5

Yelp 130 Reviews
401 Biddle Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15221

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2017-05-18 20:06:28 - mcairns21(1)

Biddle’s Escape is a local coffee shop located at Regent Square in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There is an outdoor patio where pets are welcomed and two level indoor seating. There are no elevators in the building to get to the second floor if unable to take stairs. A visitor should also be aware that all parking is parallel parking on the street. There is no specified handicapped parking or parking solely for Biddle’s.
Biddle’s Escape has clearly made an effort to make an old building more accessible, but there are still concerns to be aware of when visiting. Though there is a wheelchair ramp and a large enough landing to access the main entrance, once the entrance door is open there is very little clearance to maneuver the wheelchair. The facility does have an optional upstairs seating area that is only accessible by stairs, but there is plenty of accessible seating on the bottom level both inside and outside on the patio. The counter customers order at is very high and may be difficult for someone in a wheelchair to see over when reading the menu or ordering. To add to this, the building is very cluttered, making it difficult to maneuver.
There are two single stall bathrooms on the bottom floor. Neither restroom has an %u201Caccessible sign%u201D, but one does have a braille sign indicating restroom. Unfortunately, the restroom with the braille sign is less accessible, has far less space to maneuver if in a wheelchair, and does not have grab bars. The restroom without the braille is slightly larger and gives a person in a wheelchair more room to maneuver around. It is equipped with grab bars, but the doorway is partially obstructed by a shelving unit. It is recommended that someone in a wheelchair have a friend or family member with them when visiting Biddle’s to help maneuver around the entrance to the facility, as well as locating the most accessible restroom.
It should also be noted that the shop is dimly lit and there are decorations hanging from the ceilings, which could pose as a fall risk. Food and drink orders as well as condiments are placed on a certain area of the counter top, which may be too high for someone in a wheelchair to reach. Overall, Biddle%u2019s Escape has made many modifications in an effort to make the shop accessible to everyone, however the above information addresses concerns that people should be aware of before visiting, specifically, those in a wheelchair or with low vision.
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