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Accessibility Review of DeLish by Irises
DeLish by Irises
Yelp average rating of 3

Yelp 11 Reviews
24 City Hall Pl
Plattsburgh, NY 12901

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2017-09-07 20:56:42 - NCCIERD(1)

Although the food is great and the customer service is fantastic, getting into the establishment is quiet difficult. There is plenty of parking with the city lot being close by, but the sidewalk is blocked during the summer by Iris’ Cafe and Wine Bar, located right next door. It is difficult to navigate the sidewalk with the restaurant utilizing the whole sidewalk. If you can get past it, getting into the establishment is quite difficult as well. There is a raised ledge, and getting a chair over it is going to be hard. A power chair would not be able to get over the ledge, and a push chair might be able to get over it, but the chances are slim. Once inside, the space is very narrow and there is not a lot of room for turn space. The same goes for the bathroom. There are bars and nothing blocking under the sink, but using the bathroom would still be a challenge. The staff was wonderful, and I’m sure they would be willing to assist in any way they could, but in terms of a disabled person being able to enter and exit the establishment independently, it is highly unlikely.
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