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Jim’s Deli & Restaurant
Yelp average rating of 4.5
500 Reviews
371 Washington St
Brighton, MA 02135
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Categories: Delis, diners

Yelp Reviews

2018-04-25 - Billy B.
I can't say enough good about Jim's Deli. I could eat there at every meal for the rest of my days and be quite happy. Be sure to take a look at the menu...- Read More
2018-03-20 - Hercule P.
Legendary Must try: Chicken fusion Cheeseburger- Read More
2018-01-23 - Anne K.
I love Jim's. The restaurant itself is cafeteria style. You order, watch them make your food, pay and pick your seat. Jim's burgers are just as good as a...- Read More
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2018-05-08 16:58:25 - PapsJr(604)

street level!! no auto two lite doors very tough for peeps with a disability but very friendly staff or bring a friend!!! no wait staff just cooks and a line. if you cant wait on yourself or bus your own table your bumming staff will help but bring a friend!! tables for chair height !! but tough getting to the bathroom. food is good for deli !!! only street parking no hp !! on bus route