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Los Amigos Restaurant
Yelp average rating of 5
19 Reviews
274 Main St
Lake Dallas, TX 75065
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Categories: American (Traditional), mexican

Yelp Reviews

2017-11-17 - Martin S.
This is Mexican food, not Tex-Mex, and done very well. Family owned and run, there's a delicious range of street tacos. None of that frou-frou stuff you'd...- Read More
2017-05-29 - Melody K.
Step of faith because I don't typically want Mexican food. Although my mom and I just left church and were hungry for something new. So I looked it up on...- Read More
2017-02-25 - Julisa P.
Food was amazing! Prices are extremely reasonable and food is authentic! Had the street tacos in Asada, trompo and pastor... all were delicious... my...- Read More
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2017-10-25 02:12:28 - Renae(2)

Love eating guacamole ever