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Mystic Aquarium
Yelp average rating of 3.5
323 Reviews
55 Coogan Blvd
Stonington, CT 06355
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Category: Aquariums

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2017-08-30 - Franki H.
We visited here today in the late-ish afternoon. I'm a casual visitor, but my partner used to be a volunteer diver at the Seattle aquarium and is an avid...- Read More
2017-08-27 - Brittany W.
Maybe it's because I've been to an awesome zoo that had an aquarium exhibit in it or maybe it's because I'm frugal enough to find cool things to do for very...- Read More
2017-08-26 - Victor R.
Let me preface this review by mentioning the yelp friend thing may be bugged cause no one is adding me. Please try to add me to test it. I took a 3yr old...- Read More
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2017-01-11 20:33:27 - Sagemarie D.(1)

Where we parked in the parking lot there was a high step but other than that the parking wasn’t bad. There was almost no one at the aquarium the day we went, if you want to avoid the crowd go either after school hours or during the winter. Getting the tickets was easy and accessible, though the counter was kind of high. The main entrance is entirely outside so be prepared to dress for the outside weather, the inside exhibits are a good temperature. Everything was pretty accessible for me and my cane, there was an exhibit with stairs but it’s not a necessary part of enjoyment. The sea lion show is upstairs and there is an elevator. The bathroom I used had two doors which were kind of heavy but the bathroom itself was extremely clean. There are three touch exhibits, the ray tank, the shark tank, and the touch tank. The ray and shark tank were my favorites and if you pay a little at the information desk you can feed the rays. There were railings, benches, and interactive exhibits. Overall I’d say that this is a pretty good trip on accessibility and fun.