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Sally’s Apizza
Yelp average rating of 3.5
447 Reviews
237 Wooster St
New Haven, CT 06511
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Categories: Pizza, italian

Yelp Reviews

2017-09-21 - Jim D.
Tier 1 - These are the places that I highly recommend. These are worth the drive or even the flight. Sally's is amazing, and though it's always my second...- Read More
2017-08-13 - Alan A.
We spent a Saturday with friends on a Pizza Safari to New Haven CT to try some New Haven style pizza. The three pizzerias were highly recommended, Frank...- Read More
2017-07-08 - S W.
Of the big 3, Pepe's, Modern, and Sally's this one is strictly 3rd place. The pizza is darn good but that's it. Clearly the restaurant has not been...- Read More
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2017-08-07 00:07:16 - Tashina(4)

The restrooms are inaccessible, the space between the counter (which they are behind) and the wall is too tight to pass a chair. There are plenty of tables in the front to push up to though, where there’s plenty of room behind you. It’s a tourist destination, so be prepared to wait during peak times.