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Reviews on "Seven Lives Tacos Y Mariscos"

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Seven Lives Tacos Y Mariscos
Yelp average rating of 4.5
765 Reviews
69 Kensington Avenue
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Categories: Mexican, seafood

Yelp Reviews

2017-03-19 - Isabel L.
Everyone in this city LOVES tacos! So this is THE place to go. Although it's small, and the lines can get lengthy. It is worth it! There's tons to be...- Read More
2017-03-18 - Danielle F.
A treat for all. Grab your cash and get over here (at a non-peak time). One doesn't get a medal for admitting they love tacos, but I love tacos. Seven...- Read More
2017-03-18 - Priyanka T.
This place was long overdue to visit and I am glad, I finally made it! The tacos are the best I've had in Toronto, reminded me of Mexico! So fresh, so...- Read More
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2017-02-21 04:43:48 - Sudar G.(3)

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