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The Coffee Tree Roasters
Yelp average rating of 3.5
42 Reviews
151 Bakery Square Blvd
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
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Category: Coffee & Tea

Yelp Reviews

2018-02-11 - Leslie H.
I love visiting this coffee shop after a long run. I have had several things that are excellent, but today I'm just having a cool, refreshing iced tea!- Read More
2017-01-12 - Sebastian F.
Decent little coffee shop at Bakery Square. Everything a coffee aficionado would need is here: good selection of origin coffees, tea, even coffee equipment....- Read More
2017-07-25 - Lyndsay A.
My favorite Pittsburgh coffee shop is Coffee Tree Roasters!  There are multiple locations, but I frequent Walnut St. and Bakery Square - both in...- Read More
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Accessibility Review Number 1

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4.5 Star Overall Rating

4.5 Star

4.5 Average Star Rating

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2017-05-16 23:49:59 - amandadurham(1)

Coffee Tree Roasters is a local, family-owned coffee shop located in the East End of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Nestled near the front entrance of Bakery Square Shopping Center, Coffee Tree Roasters is a perfect place for students to work on assignments, businessmen to settle a deal, or families and friends to relax and enjoy each other’s company. This coffee shop serves a wide variety of hot drinks, iced drinks, and delicious snacks. The company also provides free wi-fi and has inside and outside seating options. The store opens early at 5:30 AM to help individuals start their day and remains open late until 10:00 PM to fuel the night owls. There are two handicap parking spots located next to Coffee Tree Roasters. These parking spots are not van accessible, but there is an access aisle separating the two spots. There is a third handicap parking spot, but it is located further from the entrance. The handicap parking spots are accurately labeled with signs and paint on the spots using the universal symbol of accessibility. The parking spots are located directly across from the sidewalk with a curb ramp. This curb ramp is easily accessible to maneuver a wheelchair onto the landing, which leads to the entrance of the Coffee Tree Roasters. In summary, Coffee Tree Roasters is the perfect place for everyone to get a daily coffee fix. For individuals with disabilities, accessing the coffee shop is rather easy. This facility has adequate parking spots that meet the majority of ADA requirements. Once parked in the accessible parking space, the pathway to the entrance is clear with a curb cutout for easy wheelchair access. Upon reaching the front entrance, individuals with disabilities are faced with a large door with a grab handle that opens out. Although this may be rather difficult, the door slowly closely allowing for easier access. Once inside, the ordering counters and tables are appropriate heights to successfully order and enjoy a beverage of choice. If necessary, the individual men and women’s restrooms abide by ADA regulations for easy use and access. Public telephones and drinking fountains are not available. Recommendations to improve the accessibility of this facility include installation of an automatic entrance door, lowering of coat hooks in the restroom, additional handicap accessible parking spots, automatic soap dispensers in the restroom, and eliminate the use of key requirement to access the restroom.

Accessibility Review Number 2

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2016-05-19 20:50:23 - Leigha P.(1)

Parking/Entrance: All spaces are extremely close together and limited. The handicapped spaces are not the correct ADA measurements for access. There is no van accessible space.
Large Print: The menu is small and poor contrast for those with low vision.
Illustrative Communication: Lack of visual cues for menu, all words.
Simple Door Operation: Front door has to be pulled toward individual opening door. May cause difficulty entering for those in wheelchair or other handicapped individuals.
Spaces Clearly Marked: There are no handicapped signs on tables or walls other than bathroom.
Tables: Not enough space to pull wheelchair under table and would have to move seats/tables around to make comfortable spacious seating.
Readily Available Assistance: If an individual were to be struggling in the parking lot the employees there may not be able to see them struggling.