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William Penn Tavern
Yelp average rating of 3.5
86 Reviews
739 Bellefonte St
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
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Categories: Sports Bars, tradamerican

Yelp Reviews

2017-12-04 - Laura M.
Last night I was out for drinks with some my friends. It was my first time there. Our server's name was Amy and she was amazing! Very attentive. Will...- Read More
2017-11-21 - Jordan C.
"Eek! Methinks not." is the fuck right, random yelp review classifications. Well, congratulations William Penn Tavern, you bloody did it! My friend is...- Read More
2017-10-27 - Nicole F.
Kitchen sink wings. Plain wings. Fries with cheese. Chicken cheesesteak and steak salad. These are a few of my favorite things. So good. Generous portions....- Read More
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2017-05-18 13:43:53 - eliseaugustine(1)

Overall, pretty accessible for a bar! Parking is readily available, but parking across the street in the parking garage would probably be the easiest. There is a ramp that goes up to the back entrance of the bar. Some door handles inside/outside are lever handles, and easy to use. However, the handle to get into the bathroom is a door knob and may be more difficult to open. Once inside, walkways are wide enough for navigation with a mobility device. Bar height is too high to order, but you are able to order from a waiter at a nearby table. Overall, directional signage is limited indoors, and signage does not include braille. There is no handicapped signage for the bathroom. However, one bathroom stall was accessible with appropriate grab bars and room for navigation. However, toilet paper was a little far away to reach from the toilet in that stall. Due to the nature of a bar atmosphere, lighting was dim and the noise level was high. Menu font was difficult to read, but the staff was very respectful and willing to help! Evacuation information was not addressed by signage, but the staff was knowledgeable and willing to discuss. ASL interpretation, amplified phone, assistive listening systems, etc. are not available due to it being a bar. All in all, great place to go if looking for an accessible bar in Pittsburgh!